Energy Management


Energy Management And Monitoring

Thanks to our energy management and monitoring systems, we ensure you get maximum efficiency from your electricity. Due to all environmental conditions, we are preparing projects for the most secure and efficient use of your energy without reducing energy production. In particular, we set up our energy management and monitoring projects in official institutions, such as chain stores, in line with the values ​​set by the law and ensure that no criminal proceedings are carried out without exceeding these values. In our energy management and monitoring projects that we manage online in a digital environment, we immediately intervene in any adverse situation, inform you about this situation and take necessary measures and actions to be taken.

We control the amount of reactive energy used by both active and reactive energy-consuming electrical systems to generate a rotating magnetic field. In this way, if the reactive energy exceeds the limits set by official institutions, we prevent the consumption penalty applied. In case of penalties, we pay the penalty for our contract.